Green Lotus

Green Lotus | Full-Spectrum | Premium Organic CBD Pet Tincture | 100mg


Hemp Oil Pet tincture by Green Lotus™, we love our pets that’s why our hemp oil tincture uses the same organically sourced, full spectrum hemp oil we provide for humans, plus an extra infusion of raw organic coconut oil to support healthy digestion and brain function for your pup or kitty.

  • Alcohol-free. Non-GMO. Organic Ingredients. 
  • 100 mg of naturally occurring CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids.
  • 5 Panel tested. Pure and safe.

Powered by CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids and omega-3 fatty acids, our Pet Tincture is “paws down” the best choice for your pet! 

Pets may request a Green Lotus™ Pet Tincture for the following: 

  • Thunder & Fireworks (No tincture? Excuse me while I hide under the bed forever.)
  • You, At Work (Gone for an hour, a day, a year? I’m a dog, so I don’t know. Tincture? Appreciate it.) 
  • Veterinarians (Quid pro quo: You deliver the tincture, I go quietly.
  • Getting Older (I, too, want to travel after retirement. Paris? No, just around the yard. Is that too much to ask? Tincture me.)
  • Cars (What do we want? Out of the car! When do we want it? Meow!)
  • Sore Paw (I’d order the tincture myself, but, you know, paws.


Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Raw Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract rich in CBD with other naturally occurring cannabinoids

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