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Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD provides the highest absorption rate amongst all the popular methods of incorporating CBD into your life. 

Get Relief

Topical Ointments

Our selection of compounds and rubs will provide the relief you seek after your workouts and other periods of activity.

Slow Release

Transdermal Patches

Mary's transdermal patches provide a slow release of CBD throughout the day through your blood stream to help keep you balanced in both body and mind. 

Top Tip

One of our favorite ways of incorporating CBD into your daily routine is to add some oil to your morning coffee. Give it a try!

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Learn how CBD can help our fur covered friends

Both dogs and cats can often experience anxiety due to several reasons including thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, even being temporarily separated from their owners. Older pets that may be suffering from ailments and general inflammation can find relief through CBD, just like us humans. 

Explore CBD Solutions For Your Pet